Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

We are excited to announce that Ahwatukee Commons Veterinary Hospital is introducing cold laser therapy into our practice! Cold laser therapy is an all natural, noninvasive, and FDA approved modality that penetrates through tissue to relieve pain and inflammation while also increasing the speed of wound healing. Cold laser therapy is an FDA approved modality that uses the power of light energy in the form of photons to penetrate through layers of fur, skin, and tissue to target the root cause at the cellular level.


Unlike the surgical lasers that use heat to cut through skin, cold laser emits a different wavelength of light to deliver the light energy directly to the treatment site. The light emitted by the laser contains photons that are absorbed by the cells and induce photobiomodulation. Photobiomodulation is the process of the light energy interacting with and triggering different chemical and biological pathways that release molecules to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, and increase oxygen production. Unhealthy or compromised cells do not function normally, and therefore do not create the molecules needed to keep cells healthy. With cold laser therapy, the unhealthy cells are rejuvenated, leading to healthier tissue and healthier animals.


Safety is our number one priority, therefore our cold laser technicians are AIMLA (American Institute for Medical Laser Applications) certified and have undergone extensive training in cold laser therapy. Protective eyewear is worn by all human participants, and doggles (dog-goggles) are worn by our feline and canine patients.


Cold laser therapy can be used for a variety of chronic and acute conditions including:  osteoarthritis, wound healing, ear infections, skin infections and more! The time it takes for cold laser therapy to have an effect varies with each condition and the severity of the issue. If your pet is experiencing chronic or acute pain caused by any of the conditions listed above, than he/she can benefit from cold laser therapy!


After a thorough consultation and diagnosis, your pet can then begin to benefit from the healing effects of cold laser therapy. Each patient has his/her treatment individually tailored to his/her size, weight, skin color, fur length, and fur color, allowing for optimal efficiency and effectiveness in the treatment process.

Decrease your pet’s discomfort and pain with an all natural and noninvasive therapy that could help wean your pet off medications that could be detrimental to his/her long term health. To begin increasing your pet’s quality of life and wellbeing, all you have to do is schedule an appointment with Dr. Elliott! Ask a staff member today for more information, or call us at (480) 893-8423. 



On the evening of July 12, 2016 tragedy struck when sweet little Caramelo; a 2 year old terrier mix; was hit by a car. Caramelo’s family swiftly rushed him to a 24 hour emergency care hospital. After being triaged at the emergency hospital a bandage was placed on Caramelo’s left leg and he was released from the hospital that night with the recommendation of follow up care with his regular veterinarian. Upon Caramelo’s follow up examination and bandage removal here at Ahwatukee Commons Veterinary Hospital our very own Dr. Elliott noticed that Caramelo’s left leg had severe road rash and an abrasion. That’s when Dr. Elliott recommended Cold Laser Therapy treatments to aid Caramelo in his road to recovery.

What is this Cold Laser Therapy you ask? Well.. This process has multiple benefits such as anti-inflammatory, reduction of pain, increased tissue repair and cell growth, improves nerve function and faster wound healing time. Just what little Caramelo needed!

On July 14, 2016 Caramelo started his Cold Laser Therapy. After one week of tender loving care from his family and the Cold Laser Therapy, you can see the healing progression in Caramelo’s leg. In those seven days and with a total of four laser treatment sessions the results are amazing! We are thrilled for Caramelo and his successful recovery with the help of Cold Laser Therapy.


Something wasn’t quite right with Charlie, and his family was beginning to notice. He was having difficulty getting up from a laying position, no longer seemed as comfortable laying down, and couldn’t make it up the stairs without difficulty and discomfort. After an exam and consultation with Dr. Elliott, Charlie was diagnosed with arthritis in his right rear hip. Although the pain and inflammation from arthritis is typically treated with pain management medication, Charlie’s family wanted to explore other options. Dr. Elliott knew cold laser therapy was the perfect option for Charlie and his family.

Cold laser therapy uses the energy found in laser light to decrease inflammation and alleviate pain using a natural and noninvasive process. When Dr. Elliott explained the therapy to Charlie’s family, they agreed to begin treatment immediately.

Two weeks later, after eight rounds of cold laser therapy, Charlie was bounding through our clinic door, walking upstairs to sleep with his family, and was much more comfortable laying down or getting up from the floor. We were ecstatic with his progress!

Charlie is now several months into his treatment and visits us every two weeks for one dose of cold laser maintenance therapy.  According to his family, he is back to his lovable, playful self. Thanks cold laser therapy!

“Cold laser therapy has been amazing for Charlie! He’s back to his old playful and fun self. We are so happy we chose cold laser therapy to help Charlie regain his happiness and wellbeing”. (Charlie’s Family)