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Here's a variety of links we think our clients will find useful.

American Animal Hospital Association

This is a valuable free resource that provides lots of information to pet owners on a variety of topics.

Another great resource with lots of pet information.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center

Your best resource for any poison-related animal emergency.

Desert Dog Obedience

Another excellent dog training organization.


Learn more about the importance of preventive heartworm care.

Royal Canin

We proudly sell Royal Canin food in our shop.

Nationwide Pet Insurance

Ahwatukee Commons Veterinary Hospital accepts Nationwide Pet Insurance.

Nationwide also offers all clients of Ahwatukee Commons Veterinary Hospital 5% off Nationwide Pet Insurance!

Enter code VH0102 to receive your 5% off!


We recommend HomeAgain microchipping for your pets.

4th of July Pet Safety Tips

Who doesn’t love celebrating the Fourth of July with good friends and family—including the four-legged members of the household. While it may seem like a great idea to share scraps from the grill and bring your dog along to watch fireworks, in reality some festive foods and products can be potentially hazardous to your pets. The following Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips are offered by ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center:


Knowing pet CPR can be extremely valuable when an emergency situation arises. Below are instructions on how to perform CPR on a pet. Certainly, hands on pet CPR experience is the most valuable, so we encourage all pet owners to attend a pet CPR demonstration or instructional class.